Loving Miss Maren- Ila Sibley

March 11, 2009

loving-miss-marenI used the dark brown paper with the large polka-dots for the base paper.

I used a dinner plate to draw a large circle on the back side of the blue paper with the small polka-dots. Then I used my scalloped scissors to cut out a half circle. And I placed it on the top half of the base paper.

I cut a strip about 1 ½ inches from the striped paper and adhered it on the bottom of the blue circle.

Because I don’t measure I put the green paper with the large circles on the bottom of the brown base paper and eyeballed it so I had full dots on each side showing from the brown paper. I marked the green paper and cut along that mark. Then I eyeballed and marked the green paper to half cover the bottom row of polka-dots on the bottom edge of the brown paper. Then I cut the green paper on my mark and adhered the green paper on to the bottom of the brown base paper.

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