Kim Hartman – Patterned Funk Necklace & Earrings

April 1, 2009

Using large flat oval beads, I applied sticker designs to both sides of the beads. Seal the stickers with a glaze to protect against peeling. Design the pendant base with coordinating patterned paper. To add more texture, I elevated the flower square using beads glued to the underside. Add some crystal chain around the elevated design to add a “touch of blind”. Again glaze to seal.

To string the necklace, I used the patterned beads, crystal bicones, coconut shell buttons, and magnesite in a fashionable design ending in a large textured toggle.

The earrings were designed starting with crystal on the bottom of the 3″ headpin. I then threaded the periwinkle ribbon in a looping fashion topped by another crystal. Lastly, the patterned bead is added and topped by a final crystal. They are then finished off by turning a loop on the headpin and attaching to a fish hook.




Judy Voce- Paper Braided Necklace

April 1, 2009


Instructions for Paper Braided Necklace:

  1. Cut scrapbooking paper into 1″ strips for a total of 9 strips.
  2. Score paper lengthwise into ¼’s. Fold two outer sections towards middle score. Fold on middle score.
  3. Glue folds together leaving approximately 1″ on each end unglued. Using the 1″ unglued section, connect (glue) 3 strips to make full length. This will make 3 long ¼” strips of paper.
  4. Lay strips side by side and tape down one end. Braid strips together, using a fold-over and crease method to make one long braid.
  5. Trim ends of braid straight across, glue and cover with stickers.
  6. Fold braid at center point into a V shape. Cover bottom of V with sticker to prevent breakage/wear on paper braid.
  7. String one large bead onto ribbon for clasp, tying knot to secure bead. Glue onto end of beaded chain. Make loop with remaining ribbon and glue to other side of chain for clasp. Cover raw ends with sticker cut to size.
  8. Glue single petals approximately 3-4 inches above V on each side and glue jewel into center.


Make focal pendant:

  1. For center of flower – place a dab of E-6000 on non-stick mat and cover with size 11 opaque lime green seed beads. Mash beads into glue to secure. Once center has set up, (not quite hardened) remove from mat. Adjust shape of center to desired shape.
  2. String size 11 transparent frost AB Emerald beads on size 26 gauge craft wire. Determine petal size and make loops of beaded wire, twisting after each loop to secure. Make 3 different size petals to resemble flower. Mash center of flower to condense wires. Using approximately 6 inches of wire, make a U shape and string thru the flower and then thru the holes of a button. Twist wire tightly behind button to secure. Trim wires close to twists. Glue flower center onto top of wire loops. Glue button onto V area of paper chain.
  3. When glue is dry, adjust wire loops to resemble flower petals.


Make earrings:

  1. Glue single petals on stud earring base.
  2. Glue jewel into center.





Emily Mendez- Origami Butterfly Necklace

April 1, 2009


All items in this necklace are from Friendzies. I designed the necklace with origami butterflies as the focal point along with hand-rolled paper beads. The necklace is embellished with matching glass beads.








Sarah Connor- Fun and Flirty Photo Frame Necklace

April 1, 2009



Fashion jewelry accented with Creative Options stickers and photo frames from Friendze. Inside of the photo frames are papers and stickers from Creative Options. The pendant has a flower glued on the back with stickers and embellishments on the front. The earrings are made with photo frames from Friendze with Creative Options papers and stickers.

Sarah Motsenbocker- Flower Shadow Box Necklace

April 1, 2009


# Needed    Item


  1. mm Peridot AB faceted roundel
  2. 12mm Smokey Quartz Round Faceted Beads
  3. 5mm round silver beads
  4. Sterling Silver Twisted Crimp Beads
  5. Sterling Crimp Bead Covers

2″    Extension Chain, cut into two 1″ pieces

  1. S- Hook

1 roll    .024″ wire

1    Friendzie Original Diamond Two Pane Our Glass Pendent

2    Metal Filigree piece from Friendzie Metals selection

1    Small Blue Flower from Creative Options

1    Small Green Flower from Creative Options

2    Brown flowers from Creative Options

3    6mm Swarovski Crystals – Crystal

4    Corner Stickers from Creative Options

1     Letter Sticker from Creative Options

1 tube    E-6000 Glue


  • Strand beads in double strand necklace using a three-two pattern with silver beads between colors.
  • Add Our Glass Pendent to the center of the longest stranded necklace.
  • Crimp end of both strands and adding half of the extender chain on either side. Use S-hook to connect sides.
  • Close a crimp bead cover over each crimp bead.
  • Open Our Glass Pendent and place two matching corners papers inside.
  • Place initial lettering inside. Close glass.
  • Put other two matching corner pieces on back side of pendent, matching placement of first two corners.
  • Layer each side with small and large flowers (blue and brown on one side, green and brown on the other) in center of metal art.
  • Glue a crystal into the center of the flowers
  • Glue filigree with flowers onto the center of the Our Glass
  • Dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.



Leticia Escobedo- Flower Necklace

April 1, 2009


14mm blue nuggets

4mm round how tq bead

1r starburst

2x2mm crimp tube

Large silver plated headpins

Aqua matsuno seed bead

Button flowers


This necklace was made with 2 pieces of stringing wire. They are both measured at 20 inches each (7 strands beadalon wire xs). I used the large blue nuggets (14mm nugget). I strung the large nuggets in first. In between the large beads put a 5mm spacer. The 4mm Rnd How Tq. Bead you bead one first with both wires. Take both wires and separate then and put small beads one each strand. Combine them together and put one single bead on both wires. On the flowers take a silver placed headpin and bead a small bead put the brown flower, then a large starburst, t hen a blue flower. Wire your loop and then bend the wire to one side so the flower faces forward. Strand the flower next to the large nuggets. Do the same to the large flower, just remember to put the larger nugget instead of small. Then strand both sides with the small beads until you find the size you want to fit your style. Put your crimp on. I used a 2x2mm crimp tube. On the button loop I put Aqua (11/0 matsuno seed bead silver lined square hole) bead. Strand on both wires. With your extra wire put slide it in through the other beads which makes a loop with your crimp close it up. On the button stran the aqua bead put the button. Put two aqua beads and then stran through the hole. Then crimp it.



Ronda Hillis- April Showers Pendant

April 1, 2009

  1. Open the pendant and apply brown polka dot sticker to fill glass. The little dots represent spring rains (supplies from Creative Options and
  2. Cut 1 medium turquoise flower and 1 medium green flower in half. These will be placed at the bottom of the polka dot sticker. Using a glue stick, at the bottom apply the green flower first leaving 1/8″ space between frame and flower. Then apply the turquoise flower touching the bottom frame work.
  3. Close pendant and apply “rain cloud” sticker at top edge. Cut to fit just inside frame.
  4. Leave outer glass as is or glaze the exterior top with your favorite resin. I used Envirotex. Let it cure for 24 hours.