Deborah Reeve – Oliver & Luke Scrapbook Page

April 3, 2009

Layout Instructions (All measurements are in inches)


  • 1 sheet plain textured 12×12 cardstock
  • Selection of patterned papers.
  • Letter stickers & embellishments
  • Buttons
  • Ice Blue chalk ink pad (Cat’s Eye)
  • PC
  • Journaling Pen
  • Photo 7×5
  • Double sided tape

To Make

  1. Choose your photo, print & crop as required. Ink the edges of the plain cardstock with the chalk ink.
  2. Mat the photo onto a piece of striped patterned paper (5½ x 7½). Note the direction of the stripes! Ink the edges with the chalk ink.
  3. Cut a wide strip of coordinating green circles paper (12×3) to go along the bottom of the page & a narrow strip of the same striped paper (12x¼) as before to go directly above it. Ink the edges as before & attach to bottom of the page as shown.
  4. Print journaling on piece of ordinary PC paper. Trim & ink edges. Mount on a piece of the blue spotted paper 5x 3¼. Ink edges of that too!
  5. Use double-sided tape to attach the mounted photo onto the cardstock, as shown.
  6. Attach the journaling block in the same way, so that it is above the edge of the bottom patterned paper.
  7. Cut two narrow strips from the spotted paper (5x½) & two wider, but the same length (5×1) strips from the green paper. Ink the edges. Stick the narrow strip on top of the wider strips & attach to the layout as shown. Add two corner embellishments to form arrows. Add two further corner embellishments to opposite corners of the photo block.
  8. Stick the title letters to the top of the page.
  9. Attach 3 buttons to the green paper at the bottom of the page, inside three of the circles, as shown.
  10. Add a hand written date beneath the photo with the journaling pen.



Cindi Bisson- Life is Full of Ups and Downs. Learn From Them All.

March 16, 2009

A quick, simple 12×12″ scrapbook layout.


Creative Options Paper & Embellishment Pack

White 12×12 cardstock


Sharpee fine point brown marker


Purple Cows paper trimmer

Stewart Superior Burnt Umber Palette inkpad

Foam tape


  1. Measure up approximately 1″ from bottom of 12×12″ white cardstock. Start at left edge and spell out “is full of ups & downs” using brown alphabet stickers. Use fine point brown marker to write out “learn from them all.”

    Trace, print from computer, or hand draw “LIFE” onto brown spotted cardstock so letters are approximately 3″ tall. Cut with scissors.

  2. Measure down 2 ½” from top of white cardstock background, mount 12″ piece of blue ribbon horizontally from edge to edge. Mount 12″ piece of brown ribbon directly beneath blue ribbon.
  3. Using foam tape for added depth, mount “LIFE” centered on top of white background so bottom of letters overlaps ribbon border.
  4. Cut assorted size strips of patterned papers, ink edges with brown ink, and arrange with assorted coordinating photo corner stickers to serve as arrows going up and down beneath ribbon border. Mount some with foam tape for added depth.
  5. Cut 5″x 7″ mat from blue spotted paper, ink edges. Mount photo. Mount centered on page beneath arrow border, above bottom text. For added interest allow some arrows to extend downward onto photo and mat.
  6. If journaling is desired, hand journal around photo mat, or only apply adhesive around three outside edges of photo mat and insert removable journaling strip.

Lindsay Peck- Muffy & Me Scrapbook Page

March 16, 2009


I scrapbooked a one page layout with the Creative Options paper and embellishment kit. Using the different patterned papers provided in the kit, I cut various sized squares (larger than my actual picture) and one long strip of the striped paper. I then used the Heidi Swapp rough edger and nail file to add texture to the varying shapes. I inked the edges with the ColorBox Chestnut Roan Cat’s Eye ink. I used various sized circle punches to make the patterned paper flowers. I formed the paper to make them look 3-D and, of course, added bling to the center of the paper flowers (my friends don’t call me the “Bling Queen” without reason!). I cut the title “each other” from the striped paper using the Cricut machine with the Printing Press cartridge. I added the ribbon along the long strip of paper, included the round stickers inside the circles on the polka dot patterned paper, corner stickers to one of the squares; and layered the colorful solid paper flowers and scattered the remainder of the bling to finish the page.




Betsy Burnett- Altered Notebook

March 16, 2009


1 hardback composition book (9 ¾” x 7 ½”)

Cardstock/patterned paper


Good heavy duty paper adhesive (I recommend Yes or tacky glue)

Sponge brush

Ribbon (1 foot) (if you desire a bookmark)


Corner rounder (or scissors)

Ink if desired


  1. Cut paper to size—you will need two 6″x 9 ¾” pieces of one design of cardstock/pattern paper, and one 6 ½” x 9 ¾” piece.
  2. If you desire a book mark you will want to secure the ribbon on the spine using tape before you start gluing things down. Tape down about 2 inches of ribbon, folding the rest over inside the pages.
  3. Glue one piece of your 6″ x 9 ¾” of cardstock to the front of the book, line up the edges with the outside (open side) notebook edges. (You can use a corner rounder or scissors to smooth out the corners after it’s glued down.)
  4. Repeat with the other piece on the back of the book, again using the corner rounder/scissors to smooth out corner edges.
  5. Using the remaining piece cover the spine. It will over lap some. Glue in place.
  6. Embellish the notebook. Add sticker accents, using letter stickers label the notebook (dreams, notes, addresses, keep out J) If you desire ink the edges. Don’t forget to decorate the back as well.
  7. Finish off the bookmark by placing two stickers of the same size/shape back to back to make a bit of a handle and add a decorative touch to the bookmark.


Since notebooks get a lot of wear and tear, thicker embellishments (while being pretty) might snag on things. Instead of using ric-rac which has a thicker texture, I used a strip of paper cut out with a rotary cutter “wavey” blade, similar look not as much bulk and therefore not as likely to snag on things.

Altered notebooks make great gifts and you can normally find them pretty inexpensively especially around “Back to School” time.

Loving Miss Maren- Ila Sibley

March 11, 2009

loving-miss-marenI used the dark brown paper with the large polka-dots for the base paper.

I used a dinner plate to draw a large circle on the back side of the blue paper with the small polka-dots. Then I used my scalloped scissors to cut out a half circle. And I placed it on the top half of the base paper.

I cut a strip about 1 ½ inches from the striped paper and adhered it on the bottom of the blue circle.

Because I don’t measure I put the green paper with the large circles on the bottom of the brown base paper and eyeballed it so I had full dots on each side showing from the brown paper. I marked the green paper and cut along that mark. Then I eyeballed and marked the green paper to half cover the bottom row of polka-dots on the bottom edge of the brown paper. Then I cut the green paper on my mark and adhered the green paper on to the bottom of the brown base paper.

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