Deborah Reeve – Maze Book

April 3, 2009





  • 2 sheets of patterned paper- I used the large & small spotted sheets.
  • Selection of letter stickers & corners, paper flowers, gems.
  • 1 piece of Ribbon
  • 2 pieces of chipboard or mount board measuring 3 ½ inches square.
  • Bone Folder
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue stick/dots.

To Make:

  1. Take the piece of paper you wish to use for the inside pages (I used the small spots)
  2. Lay face down & fold in half (use a bone folder on all folds to ensure good sharp creases). Next fold the open edges up to meet the centre fold. You should now have 3 folds, making a W shape.
  3. Unfold the paper & repeat the folds in step 1. at right angles to the first set so you end up with 16 squares. (See diagram).
  4. Cut along fold lines so you end up with an M shape. All the squares will remain joined together. Cut up the first 3 squares between row 1& 2. Cut down 3 squares between row 2& 3. Cut up 3 squares between row 3 & 4. (See diagram).
  5. Now fold up the pages to make a concertina shape. Glue the backs of the pages together along the edges. You could leave the top edges open to form pockets if you wished.
  6. Cut 2 pieces of the other paper (I used the large spots) so it is ½ an inch bigger all round than the two pieces of chipboard. Apply a thin layer of glue to the board & position it centrally on the paper. Mitre the corners. Apply glue to the flaps & stick down.
  7. Put the covers face down, about ½ an inch apart, and attach double sided tape across the middle. Stick the length of ribbon to the tape. Now use more tape to attach the pages centrally to the covers.
  8. Decorate as required. I stuck in photos, added flowers, gems etc. and a title to the first & last pages. I used the large bloom folded into 4 to attach to the front cover.

Folding Diagram:

Arrows show cut lines.


Tammy Weir- Recycled Telephone Directory

March 16, 2009


1 – Creative Options Sweepstakes Kit

1 – 6 ¾ x 8 ¾ recycled chipboard binder

5 – Divider pages

Blank Address/Telephone Pages *optional

*binder could be used as a diary or whatever you wish*


Black ink pad


Small round corner punch

I began by removing the old vinyl covering on the binder. Once removed I was then ready to begin decorating the cover. First I cut a piece of polka dot paper to 12″ x 8 ¾”, aligning the center point of my paper with the center point on the spine of the binder I attached the paper using adhesive making sure all edges were glued down to the surface of the cover. I then cut 2 – 1 ½” x 8 ¾” strips of striped paper. Using a small round corner punch I rounded off only 2 of the corners on each strip. I attached the strips to the cover aligning the punched round corners with the rounded corners on the binder. Using the stickers I decorated the spine of the binder and cover. On the inside I cut 2 – 8 ½” x 8 ½” pieces. One is attached to the inside front cover and the other to the inside back cover. I then wanted to “distress” my covers. To do so I took sand paper and lightly sanded the edges and covers of both the inside and outside of my binder. Using a small black ink pad I then lightly swept it over the covers; inside and out and edges to give the paper a primitive feel. I adhered the smaller flowers, large flower, and sequins on the outside front cover. For the index pages I simply cut 5 – 4 ½” x 7 ½” papers and randomly adhered them to each page. I embellished with stickers and added blank address/telephone pages.




Rosie Rowe Holsworthy- Pocket Journal

March 16, 2009


Chipboard or heavyweight cardstock for the covers

Cardstock of any weight for ‘pages’

CO Kit

Glue of your choice

Gluedots for embellishments – flowers, buttons

Embroidery floss


Notepaper, graphpaper, old filofax sheets, Tabbed card, handmade paper



Cutting knife and/or scissors

Tags – bought or made

Pair of bookrings



1. Decide how big you want your journal to be and cut 2 pieces of plain chipboard or heavyweight cardstock for your covers. Cover these with the papers of your choice.

2. Cut various pieces of cardstock to slightly smaller than your covers to make your pages. The amount of pages is only limited by you and the size of your chosen book rings!

3. Cover some of the pages with CO papers

4. Make or cover bought tags and cover with your CO kit papers

5. Cut papers in different sizes for interest and making notes…

6. Make pockets for your tags and attach them with double-sided sticky tape* to a page/s of your choice

7. Add stickers and scraps of words to pages, add ribbon to tags

7a – Tip: I used the “corners” stuck together to make tabs for turning the pages…

8. I doodled round the circles and inside them using a white gel pen to add a fun element to the pages. I also wrote in white on some of the pages.

9. I used the CO packaging as part of the front cover, attaching it by piercing 2 holes through the cover and threading embroidery floss through the button to hold it in place. I also doodled on the flowers which I layered to the front cover. Doodling is fun!

10. When all your elements are ready, punch holes in your pages and covers, thread the bookrings through them, et voila!





Rosie Rowe Holsworthy- Notebook

March 16, 2009

1. Remove the covers of the notebook from the spiral.

2.  Measure and cut your covers accordingly, then glue onto the front of both covers. Cut across the corners neatly and leave a good half inch for the insides.

3. Cut 2 pieces of contrasting paper to cover the insides of the notebook covers, right up to the edges, so that it covers the whole surface neatly.

4. Make holes in both the covers where the spiral binding will pass through using a hole punch or a cropadile for neatness.

5. Feed the spiral binding (coil binding) through the covers again and then cut 6 small lengths if ribbon to embellish the coil. Tip: I tied mine with the help of a pair of tweezers to pull them through and knot them!! Easier than trying to do it with fat fingers!

6. I used flowers and gemstones for their centres – attached with a gluedot,  and letters to embellish the notebook front cover.





Wanda Merritt- Flip Book

March 16, 2009

My entry is a book using pictures taken at CHA Spring 2009. Pictures are of Lytle Scrapper & The Scrapbook Garden Sales Team and Designers I have come to know.

Choose an appropriate design for your Flip Book. I chose a flower album with 5 chipboard cards for a total of 10 pages. Title page – Cover with provided paper and chalk edges to distress. Use the provided letters to spell out your title “CHA FUN.” Punch flowers from patterned paper and attach flowers and bling provided.

Picture pages – Cover each side of chipboard with paper provided working to prevent the same paper design facing itself. You may use your favorite adhesive. I found that a permanent glue stick worked best with this type of chipboard. Once complete, I sanded and chalked the edges to distress.

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