Tammy Maddux- Tin Photo Box

March 16, 2009


Supplies used: Creative Options paper and Embellishment pack, a paper trimmer or scissors, glue dots, 7x5x4 tin with handle from Provo Craft, 1″ Xyrons ticker maker, brown catseye ink pad from Colorbox, medium corner punch, 3- 5×7 tabbed index cards, a stapler, tape runner, and baby wipes.

Paper cuts: (A) cut 2- 3 ½”x12″ strips of the striped paper, these should be horizontal.

        (B) cut 2- 7″x1 ½” strips of the green open circle paper, use whole circles.

        (C) cut 6 circles out of the green circle paper.

        (D) cut 2- 3 ½”x2″ rectangles out of the brown polka dot paper.

Step 1: Use one cut (A) paper. Use glue dots around the edge of paper and stick to bottom area of tin (aligning with bottom rim). Then repeat with other (A) paper.

Step 2: Place the letters (P, h, o, t, o, s) in © cut. One letter per circle. Using the Xyron, place each letter so to get adhesive onto the backs. Now place each letter starting at P (align top of cut with top rim under where lid sits) then cascade each letter down and to the right so that the bottom of the s is aligned with the bottom rim. Place about 7 rhinestones into the Xyron to get adhesive put on. Then place a stone in the letters P and both o’s.

Step 3: Now to put the flowers together. Layer large blue flower with a medium green and a small brown using glue dots, finish by placing a rhinestone in the center. Then place flower in upper right hand corner at top of paper. Now glue dot medium teal flower in lower left hand corner and place a rhinestone in center to finish.

Step 4: Now we decorate the lid. Using (B) cuts, with the corner rounder, round off 2 corners (to match up with lid corners) on each strip. Then glue dot strips to lid, one in front of handle – one behind handle. Remember to match with corners of lid.

Step 5: Using brown ink, dab around paper edges (that are already glue dotted down). Then dab ink on all white areas of tin, try to cover as much as possible. Dab around all tin edges and bumps. It will look dirty and dark.) Next lightly dab over the paper to dull up white areas of the paper. Let tin dry.

Step 6: When tin is dry, take a baby wipe and swipe over the tin to take off the dark brown ink. You want the tin to look lightly dirty (or aged) when done.

Step 7: Place 1 medium green flower in center front of lid top using glue dot. Then glue dot down 3 of the buttons, one evenly spaced on each side of flower and one on the flower.

Step 8: With (D) cuts, glue dot around three of the edges and adhere one to each side of tin. This will create two pockets to display photos or to keep notes in. Then use the decorative corners from sticker sheet and place on the corners of the pockets.

Now that the tin is finished we can work on the dividers.

Step 9: Cut the index cards to fit nicely into the tin. Then cover each card with a different paper using the tape runner. For a finished look, edge cards with the brown ink.

Step 10: Decorate each tab with 2″ of the blue ribbon, V the ribbon and staple into position. Cover the staple with medium flowers, (using glue dots) and glue dot two buttons on two of the tabs. Add rhinestones to center of buttons. On last tab, place the small brown flower over the flower on the staple.

Enjoy your new photo box!



Bronwyn Velazquez- Tin Box

March 16, 2009

I made this altered band aid tin using a band aid tin from Provo Craft. I wrapped a  3 1/2 inch strip of green paper with blue circles on it around the box. I cut a strip of brown off of the striped paper in the kit and used a Martha Stewart Border Punch to punch out the shape. I took that strip of paper and wrapped it around the box and adhered. Next I used the largest flower and glued that down on the green paper. Next I glued the blue flower on top of the purple. Next I glued the brown flower on top of the last flower. I adhered a rhinestone on top of the brown flower. I adhered rhinestones all around the edge of the lid. The rhinestones go all the way around the top of the tin. I next tied 4 pieces of lavender ribbon to the handle and 3 pieces of brown ribbon to the handle.

 That’s  it!!



Janice Quist- Silverware Carrying Case

March 16, 2009

I started with the blank 6pack beer carrying case, traced it on the paper, cutting it out and then gluing the paper to each side. I used 3 of the papers and then the striped paper was used for the handle, and to stripe each side for the letters to stand out. On the handle I used the Crop-A-Dile to make the holes to lace the brown ribbon through. I embellished with the flowers and buttons that were in the packet.



Tia Marie Dalton Hall- My Treasure Box

March 16, 2009

  1. Begin with a cigar box, preferably one made of “wood” as opposed to those constructed with cardboard
  2. Sand down the ENTIRE box, inside and out, making sure to scuff any “shiny” areas (the gesso/paint won’t adhere as well if this isn’t done), as well as, dulling the look of any dark or embossed elements as they can detract from your final presentation

  3. Wipe down entire box with a slightly moistened paper towel/baby wipe to rid all surfaces and corners of dust/debris that will can be disastrous further into the process if allowed to remain…if the towel/wipe is too heavily saturated, it can cause the box to fall apart or warp
  4. Paint the box…for this project I chose to paint the outer sides in FOLK ART #485 RAW UMBER, the top in APPLE BARREL GLOSS #20625 DEEP PURPLE, the top edges in FOLK ART #659 METALLIC PEARL WHITE, underside of the lid in FOLK ART #484 BRILLANT ULTRAMARINE, and finally, the inside walls and bottom in APPLE BARREL #20221 KIWI.
  5. Cut out, carefully without nicking any of the outside edges of the circles, a section from the green patterned paper with the open circles, 5 circles vertically and 6 circles horizontally
  6. Cut the outside edges of each of the circles along the outside perimeter, halfway towards the middle, of the now rounded off square so that it has scalloped edges on ALL
    4 sides

  7. Ink each of the circle’s outside edges with the following corresponding ink pens: purple circle—SHARPIE Medium Purple; blue circle—ZIG Calligraphy Dual Tipped Pure Blue; turquoise circle—MARVY Dee Gruenig Brush Marker #125 Turquoise Blue; chartreuse green—MARVY Dee Gruenig Brush Marker #127 Lime Green;
    brown circle—MARVY Pigmented Artist Dual Tipped Dark Brown
  8. Adhere this scalloped block of circles to the upper right corner of the lid with ½” Craft GLUE DOTS on each of all of the outside edge’s circles as close to the edge as possible, in order to prevent the circles from becoming damaged by the repetitive opening of the lid
  9. Select the CAPITAL LETTERS for the word TREASURE and lower case letters for the word box (without the letter o)
  10. Adhere the CAPITAL LETTERS to the purple patterned paper with chartreuse and brown dots, so that each LETTER is only has a dot-free area of purple around it
  11. Cut these LETTERS out so as to create a purple mat for each
  12. Color the edges of EK SUCCESS 3d-Dots Small and Large Foam Discs with the Medium Purple SHARPIE and then peel off one end of the dots and adhere them to each of the bottoms of the purple matted
    adding dimension to the
  13. Adhere these purple matted
    CAPITAL BROWN LETTERS from nearly the top left corner
    diagonally across the center of the scalloped square to nearly the bottom right corner
  14. Adhere the 3/16 ” Mini GLUE DOTS to the bottom of 9 of the clear crystals, adhering one to each of the following CAPITAL LETTERS: both R and the A
  15. Edge the lowercase letters b and x with a SAKURA Soufflé Turquoise Pen
  16. Cut two
    2 ½”
    long sections of the
    brown ribbon… then cut a dovetail out of the end of each end of both ribbonsfold them in half
  17. Staple 2 blue staples, crossed over on another, into the folded end of the ribbons to each end of the brown label with chartreuse, turquoise, and blue dots
  18. Adhere the now embellished brown label to the lower left hand corner of the lid with the left end flush with the left edge of the lid, allowing the left side ribbon to hand over the edge
  19. Adhere the round “Bulls Eye” sticker with a brown center, a turquoise inner ring and a chartreuse
    outer ring to the center of the brown label with the brown ribbons
    stapled to each end
  20. Adhere the turquoise outlined brown lowercase letters b
    and x on either side of the center “Bulls Eye” circle sticker to form the word box
  21. Outline the edges of ALL the petals of 3 of the small brown flowers with SAKURA Brown Crystal Color Lacquerallow to dry thoroughly before adhering to the center of the “Bulls Eye” sticker that is the “o” for the word “box
  22. Adhere a clear crystal in the center of each of the small brown flowers once they have thoroughly dried
  23. Apply Yellow
    SAKURA Crystal Color Lacquer
    the petals of each
    of 3 chartreuse flowersallow to dry thoroughly before adhering the brown buttons to each of them
  24. Adhere a clear crystal to the top of each of 3 of the brown buttons so that the crystal nearly completely covers both of the button holes
  25. Apply Light Blue SAKURA Crystal Color Lacquer to the ENTIRE top of 2
    turquoise flowers…allow to dry thoroughly before adhering to the center of each of the turquoise flowers the outlined small brown flowers with clear crystals adhered to their centers
  26. Edge every edge of each of the petals of the large purple flower with the Medium Purple SHARPIE then trace back over that edging with a Light Purple SAKURA Crystal Color Lacquer…allow to dry thoroughly
  27. Mount the large purple flower just before the right corner of the lid
  28. Mount,
    in an imaginary triangle formation, with the chartreuse brown buttoned flower at the “top” and each of
    the turquoise with small brown flowers as the “bottom
    corners” on the large purple flower
  29. Cut the tip off of the brown and chartreuse
    photo corners and the solid brown photo corner that resemble a parentheses symbol…adhere the plaid corners under the turquoise flowers with small brown flowers and the solid brown photo corner under the chartreuse
    brown button

  30. Adhere the brown, white, and chartreuse striped photo corners on top of the corners of the chartreuse and brown scalloped photo corners… placing 1 under each of the remaining 2 chartreuse
    brown button
    flowers (without crystals on top of them) with the tips underneath each
  31. Adhere the above set in a diagonal in the lower left corner of the chartreuse large circle scalloped square aligning the button holes so that when the square brown “CREATE” sticker
  32. Place half
    of a 1″ Glue Lines GLUE DOTS over the holes of each of the brown buttons adhered to the chartreuse flowers


  1. Align the brown “CREATE” sticker so that the right bottom corner just covers the button holes on one of the chartreuse
    flowers and the left upper corner just covers the button holes on the other brown button
    chartreuse flower


  2. Cut the brown paper with the turquoise, blue, and chartreuse circles on it into carefully cut strips leaving equal space on either side of the row of circles
  3. Cut out a 3cm guide circle out of heavy, clear plastic and align the clear guide circle over each of the circles and with a pencil lightly
    trace the circle so that there’s an even brown circle around each color circle
  4. Cut out the circle-strips but DO NOT cut them apart…connect the circles with a remaining diagonal strip much like a wave pattern…to avoid heartache and despair, be VERY careful as this can and will tear
  5. Cut out circles from the chartreuse large circle patterned papertake the MARVY Artist Dual Tipped Dark Brown Marker and color just inside the circle’s inner edge to eliminate any trace of the chartreusebe careful NOT to color over onto the edge color
    as that circle will become useless…
  6. Adhere with
    ½” Craft GLUE DOTS under each of the turquoise and blue circles and then attach the corresponding turquoise or blue
    circle so that the circle’s edge is visible around the brown-wave circle…you may have to trim down the wave circle to get a nice edging…


  7. Adhere a ½” Craft GLUE DOT under
    of the turquoise and blue matted circles NOT the unmated chartreuse circles…
  8. Attach the matted wave strips to the middle of the outside walls of the box

  1. Mount the three square flower stickers: purple flower
    brown center and chartreuse edges, the brown flower with a chartreuse center and purple edges, and the chartreuse flower with a purple center and brown edges…align them so that they are horizontally corner to corner in a row in the center of the underside of the lid
  2. Cut 8 purple ribbon 1 ½”strips… for each strip cross them over so that their ends just overlap (4 with the shiny side out and 4 with the matte side out) and adhere the ends on top of each other with a 3/16″ Mini GLUE DOT effectively creating a “petal“…then, without removing a
    ½” Craft GLUE DOT adhere 4 of the “petals” so that 2 of them are shiny side up and 2 are matte side up
  3. Place a ½” Craft GLUE DOT on the light side of a brown button with a clear crystal on it in and adhere it to the center of this purple ribbon flower then adhere this flower on either side of the center square
    sticker on the underside of the lid

  4. Cut out
    a strip from the striped patterned paper and adhere it to the back, inside wall of the box

  5. SMILE! You did it !!! CONGRATULATIONS you are DONE !!!!!!!!! : ) Enjoy and God Speed !!!! : )


Cindi Bisson- My Birthday Box

March 16, 2009


My Birthday Box was created as a fun storage alternative for all the “extra” birthday photos from our son’s first 10 birthdays not used for traditional scrapbook layouts.

Those less than perfect, but still important photos still deserve a safe place and can lead to lots of fun and laughter as you reflect on birthdays gone by.


Creative Options Paper & Embellishment Pack

Hinged chipboard box (4 ¾” x 8″ x 5″)

Blue acrylic craft paint (Plaid)

Paint brush


Sharpee fine point brown marker

Stewart Superior Burnt Umber Palette inkpad

Provocraft Circa 18 pt text stamper



Purple Cows paper trimmer


  1. Use paint brush to apply paint to raised areas on chipboard box cover as desired. Let dry.
  2. Measure and cut green circles paper to fit inside lower spaces on top of box (for this project – 2 ¾” x 4 ¾”).
  3. Measure and cut striped paper to wrap around outside top edge of hinged cover. (1/2″ x 26″) Mount.
  4. Measure and cut blue dotted paper to fit around bottom center portion of box (1 ¾” x 26″). Mount.
  5. Measure and cut striped paper to fit around bottom outside raised edge of box (1/2″ x 26″). Mount.
  6. Mount brown ribbon around front and sides of box. Mount strip of blue ribbon, connecting where brown ribbon ends, on back of box. Cut small squares of green circle paper, ink edges, and mount to cover where brown and blue ribbons meet.

  1. Apply square stickers over the blue dotted paper starting from left edge as desired. Embellish each sticker to create a “gift” by adding half of paper flowers for bows, tiny strips of coordinating papers, and faux gemstone. For this project some of the strips of paper were bent outward for added depth.

  1. Mount brown button to center bottom face of cover.
  2. Spell out MY and BOX using brown alphabet stickers and arrange as shown in sample.
  3. Trace, write, or use outlined text printed onto striped pattered paper to spell out “BIRTHDAY”. Arrange and mount on cover of box. Outline each letter with fine point brown Sharpee marker.
  4. Create gathered balloons by placing 5 round stickers onto chipboard backing, then arranging in upper right corner of cover of box (allow some to overlap others). Add two brown buttons. Embellish 3 of the round stickers with faux gemstone accents. Cut thin strips of brown spotted paper and add to each balloon as a string. Tie “strings” using strip of blue ribbon from kit. Mount blue ribbon tie to box by applying adhesive behind knot.
  5. On left bottom side of box, spell out name using brown alphabet stickers. Add brown button and faux gemstones as shown

  1. On right bottom side of box, add label sticker using faux gemstone accents as “brads”. Add brown button accent.
  2. Using brown ink, stamp birth date onto white paper and mount over label.

  1. Measure and cut assorted coordinating patterns to fit inside top, bottom, and sides of box. Ink all edges with brown ink. Mount.
  2. Measure and cut 10 dividers from patterned papers. (Cut as many dividers as you’d like – if your box will hold 20 years worth of extra photos – go for it!) Ink all edges with brown ink.
  3. Use photo corner stickers to create tabs for each divider. Cut coordinating rectangle mats of patterned papers, ink edges, and mount beneath photo corner tabs.
  4. Use brown ink to stamp/write 1st, 2nd, etc. on white paper. Mount onto mats beneath tabs on each divider.

  1. File your extra photos and enjoy!




Betsy Burnett- Dry Erase Calendar

March 16, 2009



1-12 x 12 (Scrapbook Frame or LP frame)




Dry Erase marker

Did you know dry erase markers work on glass? This means that those 12 x 12 frames are the perfect size to create memo boards and calendars.


  1. Create your calendar base—you will need a space for the month and 35 spaces for the days of the week. Why 35 you ask? March 2009 is a great example for this the first day of the month is Sunday meaning there are 5 weeks, having 35 spaces means you don’t need to double up spaces on what can be a small calendar. I used the circles in the paper, I simply counted out 35 and trimmed the paper down, and the matted and embellished. You can use punches and make 35 shapes as well. Any larger than 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” and you won’t be able to fit a row of 7 across. When designing your calendar take into account space for notes as well.


  1. Embellish your calendar—you can add stickers to decorate random spaces or even photos it’s up to you. Flowers, flat gemstones etc. are all good choices as they are flatter embellishments. Buttons may or may not work depending on the thickness. Don’t worry about ruining your photos as the entire calendar will be under glass it will be protected.


  1. Frame your calendar—12 x 12 frames can be found at Hobby Lobby and Michaels (occasionally at Wal-mart) for under $10. It’s the glass surface that allows this calendar to be dry erase.


  1. Add month/days to your calendar—using a dry erase marker, add the month and days to the calendar, there are many different colors of dry erase markers so you can even coordinate the marker to the calendar. If you use darker paper for the squares you may need to use the markers that are not so opaque.


These calendars make great gifts! If you want more space for notes, simply create a coordinating memo board to hang along next to it!