Kimberly Oliver – Signs of Spring Nugget Necklace

April 2, 2009

How to create the pendant: use the Creative Options paper and cut to fit the rectangle pendant. Add small turquoise nuggets to top and bottom corners. Add Creative Options flower to center of pendant. Embellish with crystals. After this is complete, use Envirotex to pour on the pendant to create a nice glossy finish. Add to your favorite necklace.








Kam Zinsser – Silver Cross Necklace

April 2, 2009



Silver Cross
1 jump ring
Flower beads
Colored Paper    
2 crimp beads    
Blue beads
Small Paper Flower
1 lobster claw
green beads
Clear Crystals
Crystal beads    
.015 wire
Silver beads


E 6000 glue        
EnviroTex Lite Pour-On    

To make the silver cross:

Tear colored paper into small pieces. Arrange them on the cross to make your own design. I used mainly the purple and green paper. Once you have a design that you like, glue your paper to the cross. Glue the small brown paper flower to the center of the cross. Glue a clear crystal to the center of the flower. Mix up enough EnviroTex Lite Pour-On to cover the design. Please follow the directions for mixing this solution that are on the box. Pour your solution over the design on the cross. Let this dry for a few days. Make sure not to pour too much so it won’t go over the sides.

To make the necklace:

Measure out about 21″ of wire to make an 18″ necklace. Put one crimp bead on one end of the wire and the jump ring. Thread the wire back through the crimp bead and pinch closed with your tool. Start threading your beads on the wire. Start with a pattern of a silver bead, green bead, and then a blue bead. Continue with this pattern until you have four of each on the wire. Start the pattern again but then thread a flower bead on the wire between two silver beads. Start the same pattern again but thread a clear crystal bead between two silver beads. When you have completed these patterns, thread another flower bead on the wire, put the cross on, and then thread another flower bead on. You will then mirror the other side of the wire with the same pattern. When you are finished stringing all the beads on the wire and you have checked to make sure you have followed the pattern from the other side, then thread another crimp bead and a lobster claw on the wire. Thread the wire back through the crimp bead and close with your tools. Cut off any excess wire.



Angeluz Carrera – Reversible Pendant

April 1, 2009


Using the diamond-shape Our Glass pendant, striped paper, and flowers, decorate one side while prints and dots decorate the other. “blind” is added to the glass to accent the flowers. The coconut shell button is dangled off the bail with fun wiring details. A crystal bead is caged in twisted wire and dangled from the bottom of the pendant.

3 strands of complimenting seed beads punctuated by 6mm become crystals surround the main beaded strand of turquoise and lime magnesite. An easy-to-use sterling hook & eye closure fasten everything together.

A coordinating bracelet features a smaller “flowers under glass’ charm and 2 buttons as dangles.

The earrings are composed of green flowers with button centers supporting a chain of cascading crystals.

Ophelia Jakes – Renewal of Spring Necklace and Earrings

April 1, 2009


Using the rectangle designer pendant, I cut and pasted the scrapbook paper. I glued the large paper flowers on the corner of the pendant, then glued two more of the smaller paper flowers on top of the large flower. Then I put a blue flower button on the very top of the flower under the flower on the bottom of both sides of the pendant. I glue two crystal chains so that they would droop one on top of the other. At the top left I also glued a butterfly. For the necklace I used green magnesite beads, glass and Swarovski crystals, closing the necklace off with a toggle.


I folded brown ribbon. At the bottom I glued two paper flowers. Also I glued five crystal clear rhinestones and also glued blue glass bead and attached ear wires.




Shelley Bitz – Peace Necklace

April 1, 2009

How to: use large link chain for necklace. Use split rings to attach peace pendants to chain. Glue glower to back of bling peach pendants.

Creating the flower pendant: glue the flowers together using E6000 glue. Embellish with rhinestones. Attach glue on bail to the back of the flower. When dry, attach to the chain.

Creating the earrings: use large links for earrings and attach to fish hook. Glue flower together. When dry, glue to bottom loop of earring.







Kim Hartman – Patterned Funk Necklace & Earrings

April 1, 2009

Using large flat oval beads, I applied sticker designs to both sides of the beads. Seal the stickers with a glaze to protect against peeling. Design the pendant base with coordinating patterned paper. To add more texture, I elevated the flower square using beads glued to the underside. Add some crystal chain around the elevated design to add a “touch of blind”. Again glaze to seal.

To string the necklace, I used the patterned beads, crystal bicones, coconut shell buttons, and magnesite in a fashionable design ending in a large textured toggle.

The earrings were designed starting with crystal on the bottom of the 3″ headpin. I then threaded the periwinkle ribbon in a looping fashion topped by another crystal. Lastly, the patterned bead is added and topped by a final crystal. They are then finished off by turning a loop on the headpin and attaching to a fish hook.



Judy Voce- Paper Braided Necklace

April 1, 2009


Instructions for Paper Braided Necklace:

  1. Cut scrapbooking paper into 1″ strips for a total of 9 strips.
  2. Score paper lengthwise into ¼’s. Fold two outer sections towards middle score. Fold on middle score.
  3. Glue folds together leaving approximately 1″ on each end unglued. Using the 1″ unglued section, connect (glue) 3 strips to make full length. This will make 3 long ¼” strips of paper.
  4. Lay strips side by side and tape down one end. Braid strips together, using a fold-over and crease method to make one long braid.
  5. Trim ends of braid straight across, glue and cover with stickers.
  6. Fold braid at center point into a V shape. Cover bottom of V with sticker to prevent breakage/wear on paper braid.
  7. String one large bead onto ribbon for clasp, tying knot to secure bead. Glue onto end of beaded chain. Make loop with remaining ribbon and glue to other side of chain for clasp. Cover raw ends with sticker cut to size.
  8. Glue single petals approximately 3-4 inches above V on each side and glue jewel into center.


Make focal pendant:

  1. For center of flower – place a dab of E-6000 on non-stick mat and cover with size 11 opaque lime green seed beads. Mash beads into glue to secure. Once center has set up, (not quite hardened) remove from mat. Adjust shape of center to desired shape.
  2. String size 11 transparent frost AB Emerald beads on size 26 gauge craft wire. Determine petal size and make loops of beaded wire, twisting after each loop to secure. Make 3 different size petals to resemble flower. Mash center of flower to condense wires. Using approximately 6 inches of wire, make a U shape and string thru the flower and then thru the holes of a button. Twist wire tightly behind button to secure. Trim wires close to twists. Glue flower center onto top of wire loops. Glue button onto V area of paper chain.
  3. When glue is dry, adjust wire loops to resemble flower petals.


Make earrings:

  1. Glue single petals on stud earring base.
  2. Glue jewel into center.