Deborah Reeve – Oliver & Luke Scrapbook Page

Layout Instructions (All measurements are in inches)


  • 1 sheet plain textured 12×12 cardstock
  • Selection of patterned papers.
  • Letter stickers & embellishments
  • Buttons
  • Ice Blue chalk ink pad (Cat’s Eye)
  • PC
  • Journaling Pen
  • Photo 7×5
  • Double sided tape

To Make

  1. Choose your photo, print & crop as required. Ink the edges of the plain cardstock with the chalk ink.
  2. Mat the photo onto a piece of striped patterned paper (5½ x 7½). Note the direction of the stripes! Ink the edges with the chalk ink.
  3. Cut a wide strip of coordinating green circles paper (12×3) to go along the bottom of the page & a narrow strip of the same striped paper (12x¼) as before to go directly above it. Ink the edges as before & attach to bottom of the page as shown.
  4. Print journaling on piece of ordinary PC paper. Trim & ink edges. Mount on a piece of the blue spotted paper 5x 3¼. Ink edges of that too!
  5. Use double-sided tape to attach the mounted photo onto the cardstock, as shown.
  6. Attach the journaling block in the same way, so that it is above the edge of the bottom patterned paper.
  7. Cut two narrow strips from the spotted paper (5x½) & two wider, but the same length (5×1) strips from the green paper. Ink the edges. Stick the narrow strip on top of the wider strips & attach to the layout as shown. Add two corner embellishments to form arrows. Add two further corner embellishments to opposite corners of the photo block.
  8. Stick the title letters to the top of the page.
  9. Attach 3 buttons to the green paper at the bottom of the page, inside three of the circles, as shown.
  10. Add a hand written date beneath the photo with the journaling pen.



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