Sarah Motsenbocker- Flower Shadow Box Necklace


# Needed    Item


  1. mm Peridot AB faceted roundel
  2. 12mm Smokey Quartz Round Faceted Beads
  3. 5mm round silver beads
  4. Sterling Silver Twisted Crimp Beads
  5. Sterling Crimp Bead Covers

2″    Extension Chain, cut into two 1″ pieces

  1. S- Hook

1 roll    .024″ wire

1    Friendzie Original Diamond Two Pane Our Glass Pendent

2    Metal Filigree piece from Friendzie Metals selection

1    Small Blue Flower from Creative Options

1    Small Green Flower from Creative Options

2    Brown flowers from Creative Options

3    6mm Swarovski Crystals – Crystal

4    Corner Stickers from Creative Options

1     Letter Sticker from Creative Options

1 tube    E-6000 Glue


  • Strand beads in double strand necklace using a three-two pattern with silver beads between colors.
  • Add Our Glass Pendent to the center of the longest stranded necklace.
  • Crimp end of both strands and adding half of the extender chain on either side. Use S-hook to connect sides.
  • Close a crimp bead cover over each crimp bead.
  • Open Our Glass Pendent and place two matching corners papers inside.
  • Place initial lettering inside. Close glass.
  • Put other two matching corner pieces on back side of pendent, matching placement of first two corners.
  • Layer each side with small and large flowers (blue and brown on one side, green and brown on the other) in center of metal art.
  • Glue a crystal into the center of the flowers
  • Glue filigree with flowers onto the center of the Our Glass
  • Dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.




4 Responses to Sarah Motsenbocker- Flower Shadow Box Necklace

  1. Shelly Chapman says:

    This is AWESOME. Great use of color and textures.

  2. WOW! Love it! You’re making your ole’ high school art teacher proud! Keep up the GREAT work! Really! Your jewelry is something that I would buy! Love your color scheme – but the focal pendent is my fav!

  3. Beth Motsenbocker says:

    Rich looking colors. Dressier than some of the others!

  4. fred peters says:

    very nice…… good luck…..l8r fredy

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