Ronda Hillis- Everything’s Comin’ Up Daisies Necklace




  1. Cut the brown paper (with circles) to fit the back surface of your pendant and apply just a dab of glue stick to hold it in place until the glazing process. The brown represents rich soil (supplies from Creative Options and
  2. Cut the large lavender flower into quarters. Open pendant and using a glue stick, position the flower in one corner. Close the pendant and latch.
  3. Apply Envirotex to backside of pendant. Cover the entire white surface (back of paper) and seal edges by painting on the glaze. Let cure for 24 hours.
  4. After your glaze has fully cured, flip the pendant over. Do not open the pendant but rather apply a medium green daisy on top of the front window. This will be placed in the same corner but on top of the lavender flower making this pendant more dimensional. Glue the lime flower on with a strong glue like E6000.
  5. Apply small crystal at center of the lime flower with E6000.
  6. Let it dry and add it to a beaded necklace, chain, ribbon or neck wire.








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