Leticia Escobedo- Flower Necklace


14mm blue nuggets

4mm round how tq bead

1r starburst

2x2mm crimp tube

Large silver plated headpins

Aqua matsuno seed bead

Button flowers


This necklace was made with 2 pieces of stringing wire. They are both measured at 20 inches each (7 strands beadalon wire xs). I used the large blue nuggets (14mm nugget). I strung the large nuggets in first. In between the large beads put a 5mm spacer. The 4mm Rnd How Tq. Bead you bead one first with both wires. Take both wires and separate then and put small beads one each strand. Combine them together and put one single bead on both wires. On the flowers take a silver placed headpin and bead a small bead put the brown flower, then a large starburst, t hen a blue flower. Wire your loop and then bend the wire to one side so the flower faces forward. Strand the flower next to the large nuggets. Do the same to the large flower, just remember to put the larger nugget instead of small. Then strand both sides with the small beads until you find the size you want to fit your style. Put your crimp on. I used a 2x2mm crimp tube. On the button loop I put Aqua (11/0 matsuno seed bead silver lined square hole) bead. Strand on both wires. With your extra wire put slide it in through the other beads which makes a loop with your crimp close it up. On the button stran the aqua bead put the button. Put two aqua beads and then stran through the hole. Then crimp it.




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