Kim Hartman – Patterned Funk Necklace & Earrings

Using large flat oval beads, I applied sticker designs to both sides of the beads. Seal the stickers with a glaze to protect against peeling. Design the pendant base with coordinating patterned paper. To add more texture, I elevated the flower square using beads glued to the underside. Add some crystal chain around the elevated design to add a “touch of blind”. Again glaze to seal.

To string the necklace, I used the patterned beads, crystal bicones, coconut shell buttons, and magnesite in a fashionable design ending in a large textured toggle.

The earrings were designed starting with crystal on the bottom of the 3″ headpin. I then threaded the periwinkle ribbon in a looping fashion topped by another crystal. Lastly, the patterned bead is added and topped by a final crystal. They are then finished off by turning a loop on the headpin and attaching to a fish hook.




One Response to Kim Hartman – Patterned Funk Necklace & Earrings

  1. Beth Motsenbocker says:

    Really like the flat beads, and the colors are classic!

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