Judy Voce- Paper Braided Necklace


Instructions for Paper Braided Necklace:

  1. Cut scrapbooking paper into 1″ strips for a total of 9 strips.
  2. Score paper lengthwise into ¼’s. Fold two outer sections towards middle score. Fold on middle score.
  3. Glue folds together leaving approximately 1″ on each end unglued. Using the 1″ unglued section, connect (glue) 3 strips to make full length. This will make 3 long ¼” strips of paper.
  4. Lay strips side by side and tape down one end. Braid strips together, using a fold-over and crease method to make one long braid.
  5. Trim ends of braid straight across, glue and cover with stickers.
  6. Fold braid at center point into a V shape. Cover bottom of V with sticker to prevent breakage/wear on paper braid.
  7. String one large bead onto ribbon for clasp, tying knot to secure bead. Glue onto end of beaded chain. Make loop with remaining ribbon and glue to other side of chain for clasp. Cover raw ends with sticker cut to size.
  8. Glue single petals approximately 3-4 inches above V on each side and glue jewel into center.


Make focal pendant:

  1. For center of flower – place a dab of E-6000 on non-stick mat and cover with size 11 opaque lime green seed beads. Mash beads into glue to secure. Once center has set up, (not quite hardened) remove from mat. Adjust shape of center to desired shape.
  2. String size 11 transparent frost AB Emerald beads on size 26 gauge craft wire. Determine petal size and make loops of beaded wire, twisting after each loop to secure. Make 3 different size petals to resemble flower. Mash center of flower to condense wires. Using approximately 6 inches of wire, make a U shape and string thru the flower and then thru the holes of a button. Twist wire tightly behind button to secure. Trim wires close to twists. Glue flower center onto top of wire loops. Glue button onto V area of paper chain.
  3. When glue is dry, adjust wire loops to resemble flower petals.


Make earrings:

  1. Glue single petals on stud earring base.
  2. Glue jewel into center.






3 Responses to Judy Voce- Paper Braided Necklace

  1. Roni says:

    Very inventive, making a cool necklace from a set of materials.

  2. Melissa Hovey says:

    This is beautiful-very creative with paper of all things!

  3. Lin says:


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