Tammy Maddux- Tin Photo Box


Supplies used: Creative Options paper and Embellishment pack, a paper trimmer or scissors, glue dots, 7x5x4 tin with handle from Provo Craft, 1″ Xyrons ticker maker, brown catseye ink pad from Colorbox, medium corner punch, 3- 5×7 tabbed index cards, a stapler, tape runner, and baby wipes.

Paper cuts: (A) cut 2- 3 ½”x12″ strips of the striped paper, these should be horizontal.

        (B) cut 2- 7″x1 ½” strips of the green open circle paper, use whole circles.

        (C) cut 6 circles out of the green circle paper.

        (D) cut 2- 3 ½”x2″ rectangles out of the brown polka dot paper.

Step 1: Use one cut (A) paper. Use glue dots around the edge of paper and stick to bottom area of tin (aligning with bottom rim). Then repeat with other (A) paper.

Step 2: Place the letters (P, h, o, t, o, s) in © cut. One letter per circle. Using the Xyron, place each letter so to get adhesive onto the backs. Now place each letter starting at P (align top of cut with top rim under where lid sits) then cascade each letter down and to the right so that the bottom of the s is aligned with the bottom rim. Place about 7 rhinestones into the Xyron to get adhesive put on. Then place a stone in the letters P and both o’s.

Step 3: Now to put the flowers together. Layer large blue flower with a medium green and a small brown using glue dots, finish by placing a rhinestone in the center. Then place flower in upper right hand corner at top of paper. Now glue dot medium teal flower in lower left hand corner and place a rhinestone in center to finish.

Step 4: Now we decorate the lid. Using (B) cuts, with the corner rounder, round off 2 corners (to match up with lid corners) on each strip. Then glue dot strips to lid, one in front of handle – one behind handle. Remember to match with corners of lid.

Step 5: Using brown ink, dab around paper edges (that are already glue dotted down). Then dab ink on all white areas of tin, try to cover as much as possible. Dab around all tin edges and bumps. It will look dirty and dark.) Next lightly dab over the paper to dull up white areas of the paper. Let tin dry.

Step 6: When tin is dry, take a baby wipe and swipe over the tin to take off the dark brown ink. You want the tin to look lightly dirty (or aged) when done.

Step 7: Place 1 medium green flower in center front of lid top using glue dot. Then glue dot down 3 of the buttons, one evenly spaced on each side of flower and one on the flower.

Step 8: With (D) cuts, glue dot around three of the edges and adhere one to each side of tin. This will create two pockets to display photos or to keep notes in. Then use the decorative corners from sticker sheet and place on the corners of the pockets.

Now that the tin is finished we can work on the dividers.

Step 9: Cut the index cards to fit nicely into the tin. Then cover each card with a different paper using the tape runner. For a finished look, edge cards with the brown ink.

Step 10: Decorate each tab with 2″ of the blue ribbon, V the ribbon and staple into position. Cover the staple with medium flowers, (using glue dots) and glue dot two buttons on two of the tabs. Add rhinestones to center of buttons. On last tab, place the small brown flower over the flower on the staple.

Enjoy your new photo box!



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