Rosie Rowe Holsworthy- Pocket Journal


Chipboard or heavyweight cardstock for the covers

Cardstock of any weight for ‘pages’

CO Kit

Glue of your choice

Gluedots for embellishments – flowers, buttons

Embroidery floss


Notepaper, graphpaper, old filofax sheets, Tabbed card, handmade paper



Cutting knife and/or scissors

Tags – bought or made

Pair of bookrings



1. Decide how big you want your journal to be and cut 2 pieces of plain chipboard or heavyweight cardstock for your covers. Cover these with the papers of your choice.

2. Cut various pieces of cardstock to slightly smaller than your covers to make your pages. The amount of pages is only limited by you and the size of your chosen book rings!

3. Cover some of the pages with CO papers

4. Make or cover bought tags and cover with your CO kit papers

5. Cut papers in different sizes for interest and making notes…

6. Make pockets for your tags and attach them with double-sided sticky tape* to a page/s of your choice

7. Add stickers and scraps of words to pages, add ribbon to tags

7a – Tip: I used the “corners” stuck together to make tabs for turning the pages…

8. I doodled round the circles and inside them using a white gel pen to add a fun element to the pages. I also wrote in white on some of the pages.

9. I used the CO packaging as part of the front cover, attaching it by piercing 2 holes through the cover and threading embroidery floss through the button to hold it in place. I also doodled on the flowers which I layered to the front cover. Doodling is fun!

10. When all your elements are ready, punch holes in your pages and covers, thread the bookrings through them, et voila!






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