Rosie Rowe Holsworthy- Notebook

1. Remove the covers of the notebook from the spiral.

2.  Measure and cut your covers accordingly, then glue onto the front of both covers. Cut across the corners neatly and leave a good half inch for the insides.

3. Cut 2 pieces of contrasting paper to cover the insides of the notebook covers, right up to the edges, so that it covers the whole surface neatly.

4. Make holes in both the covers where the spiral binding will pass through using a hole punch or a cropadile for neatness.

5. Feed the spiral binding (coil binding) through the covers again and then cut 6 small lengths if ribbon to embellish the coil. Tip: I tied mine with the help of a pair of tweezers to pull them through and knot them!! Easier than trying to do it with fat fingers!

6. I used flowers and gemstones for their centres – attached with a gluedot,  and letters to embellish the notebook front cover.






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