Judi Weers- Cool Breezes




Cut the length of one sheet of paper approx. 4″ wide, create accordion fold (approx. ½”). Pull folded paper together at one end to create a fan and glue a strip of paper over the top to hold.

Coat front and back with a thin coat of UV resin. This prevents water or moisture from damaging the piece.


Flowers are created by layering flower shapes (provided), cutting a smaller flower shape from paper and adding a rhinestone(provided) on top (each layer is connected by glue)


Stems are cut from the brown strips of paper and leaves are created by cutting petals on the green flower shapes. Leaves are glued to the stem, then the stem is coated with UV resin.


A bail is created on the back using a strip of paper, coated with UV resin and glued into place.


Both brown and blue ribbons are tied to bail on back and allowed to hang. Handmade beads are attached to ribbons to add color and depth.

Beads are created by cutting long triangles from paper and rolling over a skewer and glued. When dry, a thin coat of UV resin is added for stability and waterproofing.


Chain/cord/ribbon is added to allow wearing around the neck or a pin can be glued to the back.



One Response to Judi Weers- Cool Breezes

  1. Beth Motsenbocker says:

    Cute and whimsical!

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