Deb Marie Phillips- Creative Reads Bookmark



You’ll need:

2 complementary pieces of scrapbook paper, each one 1 ½” x 6″

2 pieces of the cardstock hanger thing from the sweepstakes paper and embellishments pack, each one to measure 1 3/8″ x 5 7/8″

Glossy coating of your choice (I used a waterbase polyurethane)

Glue stick

Embellishments (stickers, 4 flowers, 2 ribbons, 4 rhinestones)

Sewing machine


Prepare the flowers:  Set the 4 flowers down onto a non-stick surface and give them a good coat of glossy polyurethane (or whatever you’re using).  Allow to dry and apply as many coats as necessary to make them shine.  The first coat soaks right into them, then subsequent layers begin to form a seal.  Allow to dry thoroughly.


Make the base:  Using the glue stick, glue the 2 cardstock pieces together, printed sides facing one another.  When doing this, leave a ½” margin at the top free of glue.


Glue stick the scrapbook pieces of paper to both sides.  You now have your bookmark base.   Decorate your bookmark with any flat embellishments, (you don’t want to ruin your book with embellishments digging into the pages).


Cut 2 complementary ribbons like so: cut 1 and the other ” long.  Fold each one in half separately (the duller sides facing one another) and glue stick together, leaving the top loop unglued to make for a nice detail.  Allow to dry.


Zigzag stitch all the way around your bookmark.  When you’re stitching the top edge, stick the cut ends in between the cardstock pieces before stitching.


Coat each side of the bookmark with layers of glossy poly and allow to dry thoroughly.


Stitch two flowers to each ribbon (back to back with the ribbon in the middle)  just below the loop using a zigzag-in-place stitch.  Glue a rhinestone in the middles of the flowers.  Do the same thing with the remaining ribbon, flowers and rhinestones.







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