Cindi Bisson- My Birthday Box


My Birthday Box was created as a fun storage alternative for all the “extra” birthday photos from our son’s first 10 birthdays not used for traditional scrapbook layouts.

Those less than perfect, but still important photos still deserve a safe place and can lead to lots of fun and laughter as you reflect on birthdays gone by.


Creative Options Paper & Embellishment Pack

Hinged chipboard box (4 ¾” x 8″ x 5″)

Blue acrylic craft paint (Plaid)

Paint brush


Sharpee fine point brown marker

Stewart Superior Burnt Umber Palette inkpad

Provocraft Circa 18 pt text stamper



Purple Cows paper trimmer


  1. Use paint brush to apply paint to raised areas on chipboard box cover as desired. Let dry.
  2. Measure and cut green circles paper to fit inside lower spaces on top of box (for this project – 2 ¾” x 4 ¾”).
  3. Measure and cut striped paper to wrap around outside top edge of hinged cover. (1/2″ x 26″) Mount.
  4. Measure and cut blue dotted paper to fit around bottom center portion of box (1 ¾” x 26″). Mount.
  5. Measure and cut striped paper to fit around bottom outside raised edge of box (1/2″ x 26″). Mount.
  6. Mount brown ribbon around front and sides of box. Mount strip of blue ribbon, connecting where brown ribbon ends, on back of box. Cut small squares of green circle paper, ink edges, and mount to cover where brown and blue ribbons meet.

  1. Apply square stickers over the blue dotted paper starting from left edge as desired. Embellish each sticker to create a “gift” by adding half of paper flowers for bows, tiny strips of coordinating papers, and faux gemstone. For this project some of the strips of paper were bent outward for added depth.

  1. Mount brown button to center bottom face of cover.
  2. Spell out MY and BOX using brown alphabet stickers and arrange as shown in sample.
  3. Trace, write, or use outlined text printed onto striped pattered paper to spell out “BIRTHDAY”. Arrange and mount on cover of box. Outline each letter with fine point brown Sharpee marker.
  4. Create gathered balloons by placing 5 round stickers onto chipboard backing, then arranging in upper right corner of cover of box (allow some to overlap others). Add two brown buttons. Embellish 3 of the round stickers with faux gemstone accents. Cut thin strips of brown spotted paper and add to each balloon as a string. Tie “strings” using strip of blue ribbon from kit. Mount blue ribbon tie to box by applying adhesive behind knot.
  5. On left bottom side of box, spell out name using brown alphabet stickers. Add brown button and faux gemstones as shown

  1. On right bottom side of box, add label sticker using faux gemstone accents as “brads”. Add brown button accent.
  2. Using brown ink, stamp birth date onto white paper and mount over label.

  1. Measure and cut assorted coordinating patterns to fit inside top, bottom, and sides of box. Ink all edges with brown ink. Mount.
  2. Measure and cut 10 dividers from patterned papers. (Cut as many dividers as you’d like – if your box will hold 20 years worth of extra photos – go for it!) Ink all edges with brown ink.
  3. Use photo corner stickers to create tabs for each divider. Cut coordinating rectangle mats of patterned papers, ink edges, and mount beneath photo corner tabs.
  4. Use brown ink to stamp/write 1st, 2nd, etc. on white paper. Mount onto mats beneath tabs on each divider.

  1. File your extra photos and enjoy!





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