Cindi Bisson- Beads & Baubles

An assortment of colorful jewelry highlighting Creative Options Paper & Embellishments


  • Creative Options Paper & Embellishment Pack
  • Suze Weinberg (Ranger) Clear Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel & Melting Pot
  • Blue dye based ink refill
  • Copper wire
  • Karen Foster Epoxy Square Stickers
  • DIY Bangles unfinished wooden bracelet
  • Scissors
  • Purple Cows paper trimmer
  • Stewart Superior Burnt Umber Palette inkpad
  • Seed beads (clear, light blue, or green, etc.)
  • EarthSafe Finishes Decoupage Medium
  • Bracelet clasp


Beaded Bracelet

  1. Measure and cut seven ¾” x 1 ½” pieces from striped patterned paper. Roll to form tubes approximately ¼” around (center should remain open for wiring). Adhere end so tubes remain intact.
  2. Add approximately 4 tablespoons clear ultra thick embossing enamel (UTEE) to melting pot, heat to melt.
  3. Place each paper tube/bead onto pin. Hold head of pin and dip paper bead into melted UTEE, roll to coat. Hold approximately 10 seconds until dry. Remove bead from pin and repeat until all beads are complete.
  4. Add approximately 5 drops of turquoise dye based reinker to clear melted UTEE. Stir until color is uniform.
  5. Place a seed bead onto pin, dip into tinted UTEE. Remove and continue dipping until beads reach desired width. Let cool and remove from pin. For this project I created 6 beads approximately ¼” diameter and two approximately ½” in diameter.
  6. Cut a strip of wire approximately 10″. Add one end of bracelet clasp to wire. Begin with a blue bead, then a striped, then a blue, then a striped, then a blue, then a striped. Next add one of the larger blue beads. Run the wire through two brown buttons face to face to create centerpiece for bracelet. Continue with pattern above, attaching other end of bracelet clasp to end of wire.

Ribbon Pendent

  1. Select two square floral stickers from sheet. Place square epoxy sticker over each floral sticker.
  2. Cut piece of wire approximately 7″. Loop in half. Place loop between top of one corner of each floral epoxy sticker. Add a small amount of clear drying adhesive (such as E-6000) and stick back to back with wire inside.
  3. Wire two buttons, back to back, above the floral sticker “pendent”.
  4. Place striped UTEE bead (see above) above buttons, bringing wire through and back down and through again before tying off.
  5. Slip length of brown ribbon through wire loop behind paper bead.

Wooden Bangle Bracelet

  1. Ink top and bottom edges of wooden bangle bracelet with permanent brown inkpad.
  2. Measure and cut 1″ strip of blue spotted paper to fit around diameter of bracelet. Ink edges of paper, then mount to bracelet.
  3. Coat with decoupage finish and let dry.
  4. Select three square floral stickers from sheet. Place square epoxy sticker over floral sticker. Arrange evenly spaced around bracelet. Use E-6000 or similar adhesive to mount to bracelet. Let dry.
  5. Measure and cut six ¼” strips of striped paper.
  6. Mount 3 brown buttons to bracelet, between floral epoxy stickers, using E-6000 or similar adhesive.
  7. Mount striped paper strips on either side of each button. Apply decoupage medium to

    Paper strips and let dry.


One Response to Cindi Bisson- Beads & Baubles

  1. Beth Motsenbocker says:

    Really like the bracelet.

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