Betsy Burnett- Dry Erase Calendar



1-12 x 12 (Scrapbook Frame or LP frame)




Dry Erase marker

Did you know dry erase markers work on glass? This means that those 12 x 12 frames are the perfect size to create memo boards and calendars.


  1. Create your calendar base—you will need a space for the month and 35 spaces for the days of the week. Why 35 you ask? March 2009 is a great example for this the first day of the month is Sunday meaning there are 5 weeks, having 35 spaces means you don’t need to double up spaces on what can be a small calendar. I used the circles in the paper, I simply counted out 35 and trimmed the paper down, and the matted and embellished. You can use punches and make 35 shapes as well. Any larger than 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” and you won’t be able to fit a row of 7 across. When designing your calendar take into account space for notes as well.


  1. Embellish your calendar—you can add stickers to decorate random spaces or even photos it’s up to you. Flowers, flat gemstones etc. are all good choices as they are flatter embellishments. Buttons may or may not work depending on the thickness. Don’t worry about ruining your photos as the entire calendar will be under glass it will be protected.


  1. Frame your calendar—12 x 12 frames can be found at Hobby Lobby and Michaels (occasionally at Wal-mart) for under $10. It’s the glass surface that allows this calendar to be dry erase.


  1. Add month/days to your calendar—using a dry erase marker, add the month and days to the calendar, there are many different colors of dry erase markers so you can even coordinate the marker to the calendar. If you use darker paper for the squares you may need to use the markers that are not so opaque.


These calendars make great gifts! If you want more space for notes, simply create a coordinating memo board to hang along next to it!





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