Betsy Burnett- Altered Notebook


1 hardback composition book (9 ¾” x 7 ½”)

Cardstock/patterned paper


Good heavy duty paper adhesive (I recommend Yes or tacky glue)

Sponge brush

Ribbon (1 foot) (if you desire a bookmark)


Corner rounder (or scissors)

Ink if desired


  1. Cut paper to size—you will need two 6″x 9 ¾” pieces of one design of cardstock/pattern paper, and one 6 ½” x 9 ¾” piece.
  2. If you desire a book mark you will want to secure the ribbon on the spine using tape before you start gluing things down. Tape down about 2 inches of ribbon, folding the rest over inside the pages.
  3. Glue one piece of your 6″ x 9 ¾” of cardstock to the front of the book, line up the edges with the outside (open side) notebook edges. (You can use a corner rounder or scissors to smooth out the corners after it’s glued down.)
  4. Repeat with the other piece on the back of the book, again using the corner rounder/scissors to smooth out corner edges.
  5. Using the remaining piece cover the spine. It will over lap some. Glue in place.
  6. Embellish the notebook. Add sticker accents, using letter stickers label the notebook (dreams, notes, addresses, keep out J) If you desire ink the edges. Don’t forget to decorate the back as well.
  7. Finish off the bookmark by placing two stickers of the same size/shape back to back to make a bit of a handle and add a decorative touch to the bookmark.


Since notebooks get a lot of wear and tear, thicker embellishments (while being pretty) might snag on things. Instead of using ric-rac which has a thicker texture, I used a strip of paper cut out with a rotary cutter “wavey” blade, similar look not as much bulk and therefore not as likely to snag on things.

Altered notebooks make great gifts and you can normally find them pretty inexpensively especially around “Back to School” time.


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